My Body Temperature in Relation to Various Arctic Temperatures: Me & My Boots

linoleum block print on Rives BFK
5" x 7"


relief print on blotter paper
5" x 7"

Arizona Bill 1070 Portfolio, Migration

linoleum relief, letterpress
vellum/recycled paper
9" x 12"

Migration is a print done for a portfolio titled "Arizona Bill 1070", which explores Arizona's immigration law. The portfolio, organized by Rossitza Todorova, is composed of prints from 17 artists living throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada. The portfolio is a unique look at how immigration affects border states as well as the nation as a whole.

Migration shows the transposed outlines of the United States and Mexico separated by a large blank space in which yellow lines mirror the yearly migration paths of monarch butterflies. The text is taken from excerpts on monarch migration and human immigration.

In a Shifting Landscape

Artist's Book
vellum, reduction cut linoleum block prints
3.5" x 8" (closed), 12 feet (open)
edition of 18

In a Shifting Landscape, a collaborative work, explores connections between geographic locations (tundra, desert, prairie, ocean), seasons, migrations, and concepts of time in the natural world through the intersection of sound and image in book form. Not until I was approached by composer Nat Evans to collaborate specifically on a book and sound piece did I actually truly consider combining the two. The process of combining image with sound to create this work was highly experimental. Partially due to long-distance collaboration, the project grew and evolved organically with lots of space to linger on themes and ideas—the process is reflected in the manifestation and overall mood of the project. This work, still continuing to grow and change, currently exists as an artist's book with a soundtrack as well as a video animation of the book along with the score. It has also taken the form of a performance piece with a live screening of the video and musicians playing the score. The project deals with the idea of what a book is and perhaps can be as well as with the act of creating.

The book is an accordion fold structure printed on vellum, inspired by the Chinese scroll with imagery slowly transforming through the book. The music is based on abstractions of weather and landscape, birdcalls, expressions of deep ecology, and utilizes field recordings to link the landscapes and different movements together.


Artist's Book
maps, tracing paper, ink
waxed cotton thread, handmade flaxseed paper
3.5" x 3.5" (closed)
edition of 18

This book is printed on pages from a road atlas that I used to guide me from Iowa City, IA to Reno, NV–and back again–on a yearly migration between the dates of August 2005 and August 2007. The lighter map pages contain pieces from the states that I passed through on my journey: Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. These pages have been printed on with a light yellow ink using furniture in the press bed. The backsides of the maps are covered with black ink using a brayer and the route that I took is marked in the pages using a sewing machine without thread. Latin names–printed with metal type–and silhouettes of bird species that make yearly migrations through these regions are layered over the maps. Tracing paper is printed with patterns of their flight paths and pencil lines of my routes.

Each book is different as I cut up the maps after printing on them.The book is covered using green flaxseed paper. Each book contains a centerfold with an overview of my driving route hand-drawn over an outline map of the states I traveled through, printed from a callograph that I made. The books are bound using a chain stitch.

Cultivate, Migrate, Wallow

Letterpress Prints
Oilboard, wood type, ink
12" x 12"
edition of 20

These prints were made using wood type on the Vandercook press. Cultivate was made by laying down a solid layer of ink on linoleum before printing the text layers. Migrate was made by first printing the text layers and then printing a solid layer of semi-transparent ink on a linoleum block. Wallow simply uses text.

This is a Wallow

Artist's Book
Rives Lightweight paper, ink
waxed cotton thread, handmade flaxseed paper
5" x 4.25"
edition of 30

This book is hand letterpressed and printed on Rives Lightweight paper that was torn down by hand and untrimmed (it has a rough, deckled edge). This book is all about wallowing. It contains text defining the term wallow and unexpected synonyms. The text is printed using photopolymer plates created from hand-stamped rubber lettering. It is pressed deeply into the paper creating a debossed image (a wallow of sorts) using brown semi-translucent ink. An un-inked plate of a buffalo silhouette is printed at the end of the book and after the title page. The book is covered in brown flaxseed paper handmade by Cave Paper in Minneapolis and hand-bound with waxed cotton thread using a modified long stitch.


Artist's Book
drawing paper, xerox
3.5" x 5.5" (closed)
3.5" x 63" (open)

This book uses an accordion fold and a simple line drawing that connects all of the pages to illustrate the path of a daydream. The structure has a tab that holds it closed, connecting the line in a never-ending loop.