Here, 2015-ongoing

This work stemmed from a piece created for a show titled Universal Map and Place Markers, which consists of a piece of paper with the writing "you are here" and six small white flags with the text "here" written on them. I decided to enact the piece by taking the flags out into the landscape and photographing my action/performance of the piece. This work stems from other flag projects that I have done in the past. The images deal with ideas of our connection to the landscape as well as the idea of being present in time and space. All images are made using a Polaroid camera.

Of This World, Not In It, 2014

Inspired by wandering through the eucalyptus forest in the Marin Headlands on a foggy morning.

The Torpedo Series, 2012

Layered photographic and digital prints on paper and vellum made while thinking about mapping & migration, time & travel, moments & memory, and presence & permanence—all packed into neat little boxes.

Open Seas, 2012-ongoing

This series deals with the subjects of mapping and exploration in an ethereal and undefined way. I am interested in creating a feeling of being lost or of confusion—similar to what one might feel at various points in a journey or when traveling in a new place. The photographs are site specific and I have used maps specific to the places that the photographs are made in. However, through the process I used to photograph, the maps become unreadable and useless. The images are disorienting and blurred, making it hard to distinguish what is happening within them. The viewer is submerged, leaving it up to them to orient themselves and search within the images to find direction and meaning.

The Explorers, 2010

This series mimics the historical images and charted paths made during the early years of exploration. Drawing from various historical—Lewis and Clark, Roald Amundsen, Captain James Cook—and fictional accounts, these photographs and maps touch on various aspects of the ideas of exploration, claiming of territory, structures of power, and the veracity of History, as well as ideas of fantasy, imagination, and daydreams.

The Explorer Series: Arbitrary Territories, 2009/2010

I am particularly interested in how we define ourselves and the rest of the world based on our environments—where we are from and the places we interact with.

This series of flags represents and is symbolic of my personal environment. The flags are photographed in places that I have explored or 'discovered,' marking them as part of my territory (the places have personal significance). The idea is to mimic the claiming of spaces that went on during early years of exploration—for example in the Arctic or the image of U.S. astronauts planting the American flag on the moon.

The concept of claiming land is interesting to me and, through this project, I am exploring the ways we interact with the land—how we form relationships with it and how those connections influence our interpretation of the world around us.

All of us have different places that we can claim to be our own because of our unique experiences there. The idea of place becomes much more internalized and individual. In a way, the places and events in our lives create a map that can only serve to guide the person who created it.

Wallow Series, 2007/2009

This series of photos is based on sculptural, site-specific, and environmental installations. They center around the idea of a wallow—a place where one goes to think, daydream, revel, or just be—that becomes somehow marked by repeated use, often resulting in a transformation of some sort. They also comment on the relationship between humans and the environment and how our acts are intimately responded to.

Oaxaca, Mexico, 2004

This series of photos was taken in Oaxaca, Mexico during a 10-day workshop. They are 11" x 14", type C prints made from negatives taken with a Nikon 35 mm SLR or a Zeiss Ikon medium format camera.

Guanajuato, Mexico, 2002

This series of photos was taken in Guanajuato, Mexico during a 10-day workshop. They are 11" x 14", silver gelatin prints made from negatives taken with a Nikon 35 mm SLR or a Seagull medium format TLR camera.