The Aeolian Marsh

Mixed media installation
with Jared Stanley

The Aeolian Marsh was a site-specific poem composed on 9 flags done in collaboration with Jared Stanley. Its debut, its only place, and the singular day of its reading: Arrowhead Marsh, Oakland California on Feb 22nd 2013, at the Berkeley Conference on Ecopoetics. A flag works in concert with the weather to mark territory, to say something: if the wind is blowing, the text says one thing, and the saying undulates upon the fabric of the flag. If the air is still, the letters and words involute, swirl in upon themselves—and so, the composition of the piece, the forethought, was utterly dependent on what the weather did on February 22nd, 2013. Check out the website here.

Cultivate Plant Adoption Agency

The Cultivate Plant Adoption Agency set up an office at the Arts Iowa City Gallery on Friday, Aprill 11, 2008. Interested visitors were invited to adopt a prairie seedling and find a permanent home for the plants to live. As part of the adoption process, interested visitors were instructed on proper plant care and then given forms to sign stating that they were responsible for the well being of the plant that they took home with them. Participants were asked to submit pictures of their plants once they were established in their new homes.

The Johnny Appleseed Color Guard

in collaboration with Jenn Myers, Jill Baker, and Daniel Luchman as the buffalo

American folk-legend Johnny Appleseed walked from Massachusetts to Indiana planting apple orchards in the early 1800s. His final resting place is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As an artistic action, the Johnny Appleseed Color Guard is reversing Johnny Appleseed's westward frontier movement, traveling instead West to East planting native species where we go. JACG wears burlap dresses in the fashion of Johnny Appleseed, carries flags, pulls a wagon of seedlings and distrubutes these to parade spectators throughout the procession.

On April 26th, 2008, the first occasion that the piece was performed, the JACG pulled a cart filled with native wildflower seedlings including purple coneflower, rudbekia (black-eyed susans), and coreopsis. The artists passed out seedlings and engaged the audience in conversations about the project.

The Johnny Appleseed Color Guard at the Indianapolis Museum of Art